Rev. Nov. 25, 2013

The cost saving benefits of custom boxes

box template custom box
Center-joint OPF
Center-joint OPF w/dust flaps
Top & Bottom telescopic
SP1 sheet utilizer
U channel edge protection or triangular spacer Δ
Lower your shipping costs, reduce Dimensional Weight, 47 lb. difference!
Cost savings example
Contents: Two 3mm Sintra® posters 30x40 in.
estimated weight 15 lb w/packaging
Shipping FedEx from 53405 to 90210

Generic Box
FedEx Standard Overnight: $345.72
42x36x6 in.(Uline S-4679 box $4.49 ea. minimum 10)
FedEx dimensional weight: 67.0 lb

The Sweetcutspro Savings
FedEx Standard Overnight: $162.58 ($183.14 savings)
42x32x2 in. custom Sweetcuts box
FedEx dimensional weight: 20.0 lb
Sweetcuts ROI in less than two overnight shipments

FedEx What You May Not Know About Packaging
FedEx Dimensional weight calculator
For demonstrational purpose results may vary.
Created 11/05/2011
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